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The assignment operator is technically inherited; however it is always hidden by an explicitly implicitly defined assignment operator for the derived class ( see comments below). Is assignment operator inherited.

Please write comments if you find anything incorrect you want to share more information about the topic discussed above. The Assignment operator is inherited by the Derived class however the Derived class version of the Assignment operator hides the Base class version. Because a copy/ move assignment operator is implicitly declared for a class if not declared by the user, a base class copy/ move assignment operator is always hidden by the corresponding assignment operator of a derived class ( 13.

3 Assignment) An assignment operator shall be implemented by a non- static member function with exactly one parameter. ( Manual Chaining.
It is inherited by Derived, but does not constitute a copy assignment operator in Derived. In C+ + like other functions assignement operator function is inherited in derived class. - - - - - Original Message- - - - -. ) I don' t believe operators are inherited from class to class.
For example in the following program base class assignment operator function can be accessed using the derived class object. So even though assignment operators are inherited just like other member functions, that does not provide copy fine an assignment operator but can be implemented in one line by calling back to your base class' s assignment operator. Same is the case with all other is inherited but the implicit assignment operator will always hide the version that is inherited from the base class because it has the same name but different parameter type.
Jul 02, ยท A copy assignment operator for a class Base does not have the signature required for a copy assignment operator for a class Derived.
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