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I tried to use jump to Report passing parameter, it works but opens the report in the same window. In The Properties dialog box for that report item, click Action.

We then click on the Action tab then on the Go to bookmark radio button finally select StateProvinceCode as our bookmark. As shown next by right mouse clicking on the text box , within this same text box, we navigate to our text box properties selecting Text Box Properties. The links are to PDFs that are stored on a password protected website so if the user is not already logged into that site, the PDF link takes them to the login page they have to authenticate. If you select a chart and look in the Properties window on the lower right corner of the window you will find a Bookmark property.

Reportviewer jump to bookmark. Enter a unique value such as: = " Chart_ 1". To add a bookmark link.

Exported SSRS Report hyperlink not working correctly in Excel I created an SSRS matrix report that has a link to a PDF as one of the rows items. You can create a bookmark on specific objects and then jump to that bookmark from elsewhere in the report. Select Go to bookmark.

I am looking for opening the report in a new window, so tried to use the Jump to URL using this ing Bookmarks in SQL Server Reporting Services. An additional section appears in the dialog box for this option.

In Design view chart, image, right- click the text box, to which you want to add a link then click Properties.

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Is there a way to jump from one report to a specific bookmark in the second report? I have a chart that jumps quite nicely to a filtered version of the report, but instead would like to be able to jump to the entire report at the specific location ( e.

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, Bookmark) related to the chart data c 28, ยท Join a community of over 2. 6m developers to have your questions answered on Jump to bookmark with code in ReportViewer of Reporting Reporting.
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, Bookmark) related to the chart data item. Our scenario is that we have several PDF files with lots of bookmarks.
Now we want to be able to open a PDF and jump to a specific bookmark ( by its name) in e. a ButtonClick event.

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That means we have knowledge of the PDF and its bookmarks, so we can directly access them. Jump To Report ( specific Bookmark) Jun 7,. Is there a way to jump from one report to a specific bookmark in the second report?

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Moves the report to the specified bookmark. Namespace: porting. WinForms Assembly: portViewer.

WinForms ( in portviewer.

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dll) Syntax ' Declaration Public Sub JumpToBookmark ( _ bookmarkId As String _ ) ' Usage Dim instance As ReportViewer Dim bookmarkId As String instance. JumpToBookmark( bookmarkId).
Unfortunately jumping to another report ( drillthrough) and to a specific bookmark ( internal report navigation link) at the same time is currently not supported. The only way is going to a page/ section.
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