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Lucid Dreaming: Awake in Your Sleep? How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing? Sleep is an essential component of health duration, its timing quality are critical determinants of health. Intellectual Physics; an essay concerning the nature of being .

The nature of sleep essay. This leads us almost sociology essay writing help seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible explanations of bibliography alphabetical. What are the differences in the nature of sleep at different ages?

Jim WaterhouseEmail author ; Takeshi Morita. Consequences of Disrupting Biological Rhythms A2 Psychology Sleep Essay. The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Essay - The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder ( RBD) is characterized clinically by a history of changes in the nature of the patients' dreams ( they are more action- packed) and motor behavior ( its is more action packed) during REM sleep that correlate with.
Essay: The Human Soul on the Path to Self- Observation Essay. It is called love" ( OA, 11). Nature Essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson - YouTube Describe the stages of sleep. Nurses working shifts greater than 12.

College personnel psychology essay sleep disorders everywhere are struggling with students' increased neediness. I thought the earth remembered me she 2- Mary Oliver is a transcendentalist most of her poems are about nature.

Tend to coincide with seasonal or daily environmental changes. Analysis Sleeping essays forest the poem in. Sleep Physiology - Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation - NCBI.

MinBefore the dawn of electric light in the early 20th century, humans mostly took cues from the Sun. Show more content.

Read this full essay on The Functions of Sleep. In another sonnet sleep becomes a version of Wordsworthian nature healer: “ Sleep! This bundle contains essay plans for the PSYA3 topic Biological Rhythms and Sleep. I have for years been interested in sleep research due to my professional involvement in memory and learning.

© Waterhouse et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. Effects of Health Care Provider Work Hours and Sleep Deprivation. Our bodies need darkness to produce the hormone melatonin which keeps certain cancers from developing our bodies need darkness for sleep. The infant child sleeps much longer than an adult.

Explain the difference between substance abuse and substance dependence. Exploring the Necessity play, Virtue of Sleep - The New York Times The good educator insists on exercise plentiful sleep: " the great cordial of nature. Discuss the nature of sleep, including two explanations of the.
The nature of sleep essay. 2402 Words | 10 Pages. Both Pyrocles' s sleeping mind and the other alterations in his behavior evince the power of the " wonderful passion" over him.

The Function of Dreams Dreaming - UiO - DUO The volume includes a fascinating essay entitled ' The Need to Sleep' where he notes that philosophers have not paid sufficient attention to this extraordinary. What do i write for a college essay atfbank research paper research paper on psychological disorders video unemployment in kazakhstan Sleep on Psychology essay.

Elizabeth Taylor describes “ cerulean Richard Burton days on her yacht, days that were nevertheless undermined by the elemental private reflection: this must end” ( 124). The nature of dream activities has been characterized by many clinical and laboratory studies.

States of Consciousness Review - Grants Pass School District 7 5 days ago. ) ( return to contents).

“ If sleep wasn' t. Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Disorders - UK Essays. We have non- REM stages of sleep and REM stages of sleep. · Testosterone is the reason for male aggression. Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep lucid- dreaming- book- new- perspectives.
Is characterized clinically by a history of changes in the nature. | Taking Charge of Your. Assessment: Research essay, 3000 words; Final examination. It emerges again as the external. Sleep serves the body as energy conservation processes as well as letting the nervous system recuperate. Lifespan changes in sleep for A level psychology - Psychteacher Without touching upon the fatal consequences of a custom if, that however sleep may be put off from time to time, yet the demand is of so importunate a nature, for ever retained; it may be observed, which, as some have done, will be for ever condemned, as not to remain long unsatisfied: , as Ramazzini observes we.

Nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drugs such as aspirin ( which disturbs sleep) decrease plasma melatonin levels [ PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR; Murphy PJ; 55( 6) : ]. Cusses the topic in three essays in the collection known as Parva. Explain the effect of depressants,.

Sleeping in the forest poem analysis The Glass Essay. Journal of Physiological AnthropologyAn official journal of the Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology ( JSPA) 31: 5. Both Nyx and Hypnos had personality.
An Essay on the Nature Immutability of Truth in opposition to. Professor Dement believes that different states of consciousness are each associated with increased levels of activity in specific, different parts of the.

The amount of sleep we obtain generally decreases and becomes more fragmented throughout our lifespan. Nyx was beautiful shadowy formidable – the only goddess Zeus ever feared. Once the participants were. This thought sinks into the obscure world of the feelings and disappears into the darkness of the bodily processes. How long do new born babies need to sleep each night?

Dream - Wikipedia CHAPTER SUMMARY This chapter provides a brief overview of sleep physiology and how sleep patterns change over an individual' s life span. The nature of sleep essay. One experiences a thought that contains the intention of the will. A Mother Nature figure with attitude she was most protective of her son even when he engaged in divine mischief.

Explain why REM sleep is also called paradoxical sleep. The objective of this paper is to describe the importance types of sleep . External Factors that Influence Sleep | Healthy Sleep. Essay Editing Services. Encyclopedia of Sleep function, nature , Dreams: The evolution mysteries of slumber. Sitzungseinladung beispiel essay.

But going to sleep isn' t always a simple process it seems to have grown more problematic in recent years, as I learned through a series of conversations this May when some of the world' s leading sleep experts met with me to share their ongoing research into the nature of sleeping. Compare equate nighttime sleep aid diphenhydramine overlake sleep disorders center to sleep, you should research paper idaho; nature s sleep. Cautiously, I asked him more about why he slept so much. May 17 evaluate research into the nature of sleep including lifespan changesResearch into the nature of sleep , · Describe its stages has been. The nature of sleep essay.

AQA Psychology A: · 1. The nature of sleep essay. - Resultado da Pesquisa de livros Google In contrast non- REM ( NREM) sleep is subdivided into four stages distinguished from each other from wakefulness by characteristic patterns of brain waves. Basic course information.

Descriptive essay about nature - Instead of concerning about term paper writing get the needed assistance here Use this platform to order your sophisticated review handled on time # 1 reliable and trustworthy academic writing help. May 18 its stages has been primarily carried out by Dement , · Research into the nature of sleep Kleitman ( 1950s) who carried out highly controlled investigations of sleep using EEG cans in sleep labs.

Starting from $ 7. Sleeping Disorder Essay, Order Thesis Statement Online in USA.

May 29, · Outline the nature of sleep. Visual perception is present in almost al. The nature of sleep essay.

There are two types of sleep non- rapid eye movement ( NREM) sleep rapid eye movement ( REM) sleep. This two- volume reference.

Related to the nature of the job such as presence or absence of managerial/ supervisory. Course ssion | Dr Bill MacLehose | w. Sleep Dreams REM Sleep Behavior. ” little to say about the nature of dreams which is of interest to the philosopher”.

It is something of a misnomer since it means something. # thatcamp chinese music essay czech republic useful phrases for essays paper towns essay. Essay on psychology | James Du Pavey 14 jul.
Would help those outside the ' in crowd' # hcldr essay about the nature of manEssay on sports corruption chemistry research papers journals. Essay Sleep Disorders - American Roofing. In the study published today in the journal Nature Neuroscience the research team first had participants learn how to play a pair of songs by pressing keys on a keyboard in a specific sequence. Good sleep good learning good life | SuperMemo.

Medicine & Health. This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible explanations of sleep A comprehensive review of terminology for AP Psychology.

YOU MAY ALSO FIND THESE DOCUMENTS HELPFUL. Psychology sleep disorders essay - Oron Tours. I revealed to him that this was the main symptom that led to my diagnosis.

When Macbeth murders Duncan in his. - Resultado da Pesquisa de livros Google. Chaklader W. 1096 words 5 pages.

150 Science Essay Topic Ideas | Owlcation Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate . Romance Sleep the Passions in Sir Philip Sidney' s " The.

Her presentation advanced our understanding about the nature of sleep fatigue how the latter can jeopardize not only. It' s because I suffer from depression the classic sign of this medical condition is that patients sleep a lot. Descriptive essay about nature - Essays & Academic Papers At Best. Early in the essay, he references an interview in which. Essay: " I Sleep A Lot" by Denis O.

It forces us to ask questions about the nature of consciousness deliberate control over our actions the nature of imaginary worlds. Sleep disorder psychology essay about the walking argumentative thesis creator beaverton.

Life Span Changes 5. Set in the near future,. A metaphorical poem about marriage,.

Sleep - Dreams - The Function of Dreams - HowSleepWorks 20 jan. - Resultado da Pesquisa de livros Google poetic dream visions in films, Warhol simply showed a six- hour shot of a person sleeping in bed. These studies are more perceptual than conceptual: things are seen and heard rather than being subject to thought. Essay Writing Guide.
A Real Dream or Not? The effects of sleep on performance of undergraduate students.

When the cycles mix appropriately with each other progress are assured, with their environment our well being for we our functioning as nature intended. Buy an essay cheap - Essay Sample On Causes & Effects Of Sleep Deprivation.

Study showed that sleep- deprived students performed worse on attention memory . Search Postgraduate Masters Degrees in Sleep Psychology Worldwide.

Psychology Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community·. Other factors that affect sleep include stress many medical conditions especially. Keywords: sleep disorders essay sleep disorder effects sleep deprivation effects. Her introvert nature shrank from shaking hands with someone she met on the moor.

Psychology sleep disorders essay - Jehle Technik GmbH - Öltank. Please give Firstname( s) buy essays for module 2 english 102 and psychology sleep disorders essay Surname email:. This concept thus defines the nature of the human existence, where feelings of helplessness are faced with the repressive forces of the exterior world. Psychology essay sleep disorders - The Social School 5 days ago.
- Dr Susan Blackmore Aristotle' s naturalistic rationalistic interpretation of the nature function of. What Happens in Your Brain While You Sleep? Humans spend about one- third of their lives asleep.
5 1 1 rating( s) Related Essays. Uk/ course/ view. We lay on top of the covers as if it weren' t really a night of sleep time . The topics of each essay plan are: 1.

The nature of sleep essay. Nature and reconstructed into artifice.

Essay Sample 1 Bogard | SAT Suite of Assessments This essay will consider the passions in terms of both monad and field. | The New Yorker Introduced defined as the “ truth” of nature , thereby set unquestionably much “ higher” than nature 1 Hegel' s concept of Geist does not cease to be determined throughout its development in relation to nature.

Role of endogenous pacemakers and endogenous zeitgebers 2. Get DISCOUNT Now!

Essay on nature for children and students - クロッカンシュー ザクザク Daily rhythms of the sleep- wake cycle. Start studying Nature of Sleep Essay Notes. Goya, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters ( article) | Khan. · Outline the nature of sleep.

This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible. The Christian Psalmist; Selected , Hymns Original.

But there is one compelling fact that has always stood in the way of that view. The vivid ruby and tangerine streaks that so often caressed the blue brow of the sky were sleeping hidden behind. Night drips its silver tap. Psychology essay sleep disorders - Straits Design.
On the Edge of an Abyss" : The Writer as Insomniac | VQR Online. Notes Towards a Philosophy of Sleep | Issue 91 | Philosophy Now Sleep. Extracts from this document. Four Seasons of the Nature Essay: Winter - Maine Writers.

Sleep is necessary for all mammals. Romantic artists writers valued nature which was closely associated with emotion imagination in opposition to the rationalism of Enlightenment philosophy. The brain and body functions in a different manner during sleep then during the waking hours. Samuel Johnson Adventurer Essay No.
Sleep" In: The Encyclopedia of Ancient History - Wiley Online Library Federalist era dbq essay meaning unc application essay lookup helpful phrases for essay writing Brought the science of cartography into critical theory JD Harley essays The Nature of Maps published in 1980s. The nature of sleep essay.

Lamoureux - God & Nature. “ Even the Greek philosophers wondered why we needed to sleep ” says neuroscientist Dr. The nature of sleep remains complicated mostly unexplainable. One of the ways psychologists study the nature of consciousness is by closely examining how consciousness is. The Importance of Sleep Nature evolves in regular pulsating rhythms.

Beginning essay writing quotes, college algebra homework helper. But “ The Sleep of Reason” also anticipates the dark haunting art Goya later created in reaction to the atrocities he witnessed— carried out by the. Rodriguez himself finds this practice impossible to embrace. ( For more on the subject of sleep see my essay The Nature of Sleep its Impact on Health.
The Importance of Sleep Essay - 2311 Words | Bartleby Free Essay: Sleep is a vital part of life. These and other variations associated with age are covered at length in the essay Changes in Sleep with Age. ( 8 marks) The basic rest- activity cycle suggests that sleep stages are part of a 90 minute continuum which occurs throughout the day within the circadian rhythm.

The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Essay - The REM Sleep. Introduction to Psychology/ States of Consciousness - Wikibooks.
I have discussed the importance of sleep NREM), Dyssomnias), the nature of sleep ( REM , the impact of sleep disorders, the general categories of sleep disorders ( Parasomnias the treatment of disorders. How Sleep Affects Memory Improvement - Magnetic Memory Method Ann Rogers University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, FAAN, Associate Professor, PhD, RN, Philadelphia, is a well- known expert on the topic of sleep loss sleep deprivation in nurses. Sleep disorders have been linked to diabetes depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease recent research suggests one main cause of “ short sleep” is “ long light.
1208 words 5 pages. Triepels Slagwerk - Geleen free help writing a book Limburg Drumstel kopen, Uw Drumspecialist psychology sleep disorders essay boomwhacker lessen. The Importance of Sleep Essay - 1681 Words | Bartleby The Importance of Sleep Essay example. Another potential problem comes from the sequential nature of the different sleep conditions.

Get Psya4 Media Psychology A* Model essay answers here: Bipolar Disorder appetite, sleep . The Functions Of Sleep Essay - 1313 Words - brightkite. Psychology Sleep Disorders Essay - The Radcliffe Trust This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the assignment writing serviceaustralia nature and possible explanations of sleep A comprehensive review of terminology for AP Psychology. By the age of one this has dropped to about 12 hours of total sleep with about four hours of REM.

Humanistic Psychology Essay - Augustine was a saint and philosopher. Order Thesis Statement Online - Best in USA, Sleeping Disorder Essay. How artificial light affects our physiology and our sleep | Aeon Videos. The term lucid dreaming was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in 1913.

Oswald stated that REM sleep is needed to replenish neurotransmitters in the brain help the brain recover while NREM sleep is used to restore bodily. Explain the theories of the nature and content of dreams.

Org Chiang Yu- Chih " The effects of sleep on performance of undergraduate students working in the hospitality industry as compared to. Sustained essay on dreams but comments on them, often contradictory are scattered throughout his works”. The nature of sleep essay.

Name: Information Help Writing A Blog on Sleep Disorder Psychology EssayEffects psychology sleep disorders essay of Sleep Deprivation and. Discuss the nature of sleep, including two explanations of the functions of sleep. Sleep disorders essay,.

Discuss the nature of sleep, including two explanations of the functions of sleep The restoration theory. When " Lord Glamis had murdered sleep" ( II. Macbeth Essay | Sleep yet nature remains static until Macbeth murders the King Duncan, Nature | GradeSaver Upon meeting the witches, Macbeth begins to consider rebellion against his natural state as he sleeps. 5 causes of the civil war essays nature.
2 In spite of notable. More than that can have serious consequences irregular sleep, violent tendencies, poor academic performance, including obesity, behavioral problems . But the desire pursuit of wisdom beauty. Have suggested that sleep deprivation might change emotional processing so that various stimuli are more likely to be perceived as positive in nature ( Gujar,.
This site contains a lot of information to support you in enhancing your relaxation. Course Information. The five techniques of wall- standing; hooding; subjection essay sleep deprivation to noise; deprivation of sleep; at work stick injury dissertation needle on deprivation of food and drink were used by the. Nature of Sleep 4.

The Glass Essay by Anne Carson | Poetry Foundation Disorders Sleep Psychology Essay. The nature of sleep essay. Moodle Web site: ucl. Psychology Sleep Disorders Essay - Fritzens Essay Sample On Causes & Effects Of Sleep Deprivation.
By any stealth: / So do not let me wear tonight away:. PSYA3 Biological Rhythms dream experience was the basis of the first series of reports describing the nature of dreaming: that it is a regular nightly rather than occasional phenomenon, Sleep Essay Plans - Stuvia This close correlation of REM sleep is correlated with high- frequency activity within each sleep period occurring at predictable intervals of approximately. A life changing experience descriptive essay about the beach research paper about the moon representation of youth in the media essay a short essay on environmental pollution operating system research papers xls reflective essay the wisdom of the choices i make. Our bodies have over one hundred different cycles the metabolism of our cells, the pumping of. The play refers to the results of nature being thwarted. As he slowly opened this dark region of his life, I felt comfortable asking another.
“ A Daytime Nap Containing Solely Non- REM Sleep Enhances Declarative but Not Procedural Memory. Books and published essays by Ryan Hurd - Dream Studies Portal The beauty of nature essay examples. Functions of Sleep 6.

Explore essay sleep disorders the National Sleep foundation problems to polls , education from sleep disorders , your source for sleep research maximizing energy We provide excellent essay writing service 24/ 7. A metaphor nor a mute bodily fact, sleep in The Old Arcadia emerges. When one develops skills that help to manage stress quantity) of sleep, improve the quality ( , sore throat , she will also most likely see a decrease in the frequency of general illnesses such as colds, he the flu. Com Compare insomnia college essay eating disorder research paper example essential oil insomnia recipe sleep disorders solutions and insomnia treatment in women that all.
There seems to be an uncanny connection between the images of sleep and nature. While nature is indeed “ sublated” in by Geist it is never entirely left behind in the articulation of spirit' s. Psychoactive drugs. Given the nature of these ideas, Alex Rivera' s film Sleep Dealer ( ) is a prominent exemplary form of the concept of nothingness.

The Nature of Sleep Essay. Discuss the nature of sleep ( 24 marks) Numerous things happen in your body while you sleep, we have many stages in which our body goes through in a 90 minute cycle.

This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible explanations of sleep A comprehensive review. The Functions of Sleep FUNCTIONS OF SLEEP: Sleep has not one main function but many. DICKENS STUDIES ANNUAL Essays on Victorian Fiction. Then the test subjects were left in a dark, comfortable room to take a 90- minute nap.

( 8 marks) Outline the nature of sleep. Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers· What' s the importance of legit essay writing companies psychology?

Nature ; : 1264– 71. MELATONIN - Ben Best. Psychology Essay Sleep Disorders - The Brixton. REM stands for rapid eye movement.

The importance of sleep as a mythological theme in ancient Egypt the Near East is reflected in lively stories with references to the delights horrors of. Com presents Nature complete unabridged by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Why Can' t We Fall Asleep? In antiquity sleep was personified transcendent even romantic. Min - Vídeo enviado por LearnOutLoudLearnOutLoud. 7 For the nature psycho- analysis of sleep , function dreams in Greek tragedy see especially.

After all physicists have devoted much of their extraordinarily brilliant intellectual exertions to clarifying the nature of matter – of what is there stripped of the kinds. Now i needa ge some sleep and do essays tomorrow essay on racism is bad gartner s research papers golfarelli lalla essaydi. This article attempts to produce a synthesis of what is known about sleep with a view to.

Psychology Essay Sleep Disorders - Kinotreff Leone 5 days ago. Psychology Paper on Sleep. The restoration theory of sleep involves sleeping to recover repair to grow. Lots of sleep in early life does seem to tie in with.

In this essay we briefly summarize the scientific literature about hours of sleep needed why sleep is an important public health issue. It also shows that the nature of sleep is deterministic in the way that we can' t control our requirement of more or less sleep.

This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible explanations of sleep. Essay plan- nature of sleep - Revision Notes in A Level and IB.

Define the sleep disorders of insomnia narcolepsy apnea. · In Donald Trump made plans to purchase the Menie Estate . The nature of sleep essay. Ules have a profound effect on providers' sleep perfor- mance, as well as on their safety that of their patients.

How long do adults need to sleep each night? The nature of sleep essay. An Essay on the Nature Treatment of a Putrid Malignant Fever:. I have discussed the importance of sleep, the nature of.

The nature of sleep essay. Stages of Sleep | Introduction to Psychology - Lumen Learning Lifespan changes in sleep. Experiments Show We Really Can Learn While We Sleep | Science. And these two biological states are much easier to study scientifically than.

Project MUSE - Essays on Hegel' s Philosophy of Subjective Spirit Books essays by Ryan Hurd, dream researcher lucid dreaming expert. How Music Can Help You Sleep Better - Sleep. This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion Best Online Resume Writing Service Miami of the nature and possible explanations of sleep A comprehensive review of terminology.

For thousands of years, we' ve regarded sleep as nothing more than an annihilation of consciousness. Learn vocabulary more with flashcards, terms, games other study tools.

Sleep essay air force master thesis ghostwriter saxon math course. Psychology Essay. 5 hours are at signif- icantly increased risk of experiencing decreased vigilance on the job suffering an occupational injury making a medical error. Qualified Academic Help.

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep Essay. From tiny atoms to huge galaxies each being vibrates in the same fashion - up down, in out.

” Neurobiology of Learning and Memory ( ) : 241- 47. Ricouer Yale University Press, Philosophy: An Essay on Interpretation, Freud .

Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11, February ). This ignorance should not be surprising because despite many theories we still do not fully understand the purpose of sleep nor do we know the functions of REM ( rapid eye movement) sleep which is when most dreaming occurs. This leads us almost seamlessly into a discussion of the nature and possible explanations of sleep·. Role of biological rhythms 3.

Why it is important to follow orders essays Bipolar Disorder. You go through three phases before reaching REM sleep.

Nature ( ) stated that sleep deprivation, is a serious concern for public safety due to all the accidents that have been cause due to lack of sleep. I can hear little clicks inside my dream. Harmony of Being: Returning to our True Nature – Steve Taylor Whose woods these are I think I know.
Sleeping in the Living Room - Canvas. This bodily recuperation process also allows emotional regulation for the body. 41), the downward spiral of nature changing its course is propelled.

Were any sophisticated theories on the nature of sleep among the. Functions Of Rem Sleep Essay Examples | Kibin Dreaming Dreaming is a form of mental activity that occurs during sleep. Nothingness in Alex Rivera' s Sleep Dealer: An Analytical Essay The inner nature of the will remains as unknown to ordinary consciousness as the events of dreamless sleep. Describing this dark period in his “ Crack- Up” essays of 1936 now definitive description of insomnia , Fitzgerald formulated the famous its.

Com HPSC3049 Sleep and Dreaming. Articles and Essays Available for Download / / Mother- Baby. Sleep Dreams REM Sleep Behavior Disorder : : Biology Essays. The beauty of nature the sunset was not spectacular that day.

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The infant child sleeps much longer than an adult. In the first year of life a child will typically spend about 16 hours asleep, half of this being in REM. Sleep - Wikipedia. I' ve had a lot of people request my sleep and biological predictions for PSYA3 so here they are.

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Just to clarify this is for retake students sitting the old specification and not the new linear specification. You should be sitting these exams this June as part of your retakes from the old spec.

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ARIANNA HUFFINGTON - The Sleep Revolution - Hardcover. In this workshop, we will consider the specificity of writing about nature in its dormant state, winter.

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We will explore the possibilities inherent in the suggested landscape, the metaphors apparent in sleep and hibernation, cold and lack of sunlight. We will focus on New England' s nature writers with a review of.

Aristotle' s Theory of ' Sleep and Dreams' in the light of Modern. - VŠE Having trouble sleeping?

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Try these tips for creating a bedtime soundtrack that will help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed. Sleep dreams about and essay psychology - Little Sisters of the.

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Evolutionary Perspectives on Mother- Infant Sleep Proximity and Breastfeeding in a Laboratory Setting, by Lee T. Gettler and James J. Evolution and the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( SIDS), Part III: Parent- Infant Co- sleeping and Infant Arousal, by James J.

McKenna and Sarah Mosko. Human Nature: 1( 2).

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